Treats... the good and the bad.

These days, it's becoming normal for us to really look at what we're eating.  Farmer's Markets are becoming a normal thing for just about every community, and it's becoming easier and easier for you to get your hands on fresh produce and meats... and know where they came from.  People are really beginning to pay attention to the food they consume, and it's resulting in a healthier and happier population for the most part. 

What about your pet?  

Our customers understand the importance of reading the ingredients label.  We preach it when they get our food.  Our pet food is an important part of our vision, but that vision actually started with our treats.  We had many trials... many flops... and some winners along the way.  

We started by looking at the labels.  Even the "healthy" and "all natural" treats had things in them that we questioned.  Onyx's Favorite was our first invention.  It started out as a treat made with whole wheat flour.  Actually, our entire line of biscuits started with whole wheat flour.  We had a small KitchenAid food processor that we would puree the apples and bananas in, and our treats were made in our own convection oven.  It wasn't until much later that we decided to purchase commercial convection ovens to make our treats in.  Eventually, what started as a line of 5 treats made with Wheat Flour (Onyx's Favorite, Grandma Ziggy's Pumpkin Schnoggins, Little Milward's Favorite, Jude's Nibblies, and Uncle Jax Snax) transformed to our current line of treats.  Wheat flour isn't used in any of our treats any longer... we opted to use Chickpea Flour and Rice Flour instead for their much healthier Grain and Gluten Free properties.  Hours upon hours of research, work, and trial & error led to what is now one of the freshest and healthiest treats on the market.  

We even carried this vision over to our house made jerky and fruits.  Just recently, a massive line of chicken jerky came under fire for actually killing dogs.  All of the packaging for the different brands of this same jerky claimed it was all natural, fresh and healthy, tested for this and that.  Then, you flip the bag over and see glycerin, preservatives, and things that shouldn't be in pet treats.  Our jerky is literally meat... and meat alone.

Many times, when I'm talking to someone about ingredients I can't help but to think back to when I was a kid.  We had a huge garden and many many evenings a huge portion of our family meals consisted of vegetables grown right in our yard.  It tasted different... it tasted fresh.  There IS a difference, and I can't help but wonder if that same "taste" lends itself to pet treats and pet food as well.  We actually eat our treats... each batch is tested by us personally, and of course Milward.  His personal favorite is the chicken liver jerky.  He would eat an entire batch of them, and we would be completely comfortable with him doing so.

While doing my research, one comment from a veterinarian has stuck in my head all this time.  She stated that dog treats SHOULD be healthy enough where a dog could finish off an entire bag and be perfectly fine... other than the fact that they'd be very full!  lol . 

The question is... would you allow your dog to eat an entire box/bag of your current treats?


Our line of treats...  all made fresh from all natural ingredients right in our store.

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