Our Dog Food Line Expands!

When we opened, we started with a small line of pet food.  It was a great start, but we wanted more... and so did you.  We had several people ask for Lamb... several people ask for another Grain Free choice... and several people that wanted an option that was a little cheaper.  

We listened...

This week, we add three more options to the already incredible line of food we offer.

Chicken & Turkey Grain Free is another Grain Free option for all of those out there with a dog that may have food allergies.  The ingredient list on this food is phenomenal, just as all the others are.  

Lamb & Rice is joining the line for those that have dogs with sensitive stomachs.  Another incredible food, with the protein (lamb meal) being the first and most prevalent ingredient.

Adult Maintenance will make the cost conscience consumers happy.  This formula is a scaled down version of our Chicken & Rice food.  It is a fantastic food with a rightfully impressive ingredient list.  This formula is not an all-life-stages formula and is best suited for a dog in it's adult years.  For puppies and senior dogs, we recommend our Chicken & Rice food, or one of our other All-Life-Stages foods.  


It is important to educate on the ingredients in pet foods.  NONE of our pet foods contain any by-product of any kind.  Many people assume that byproducts and meal are actually the same thing, however.  But, they aren't...

By-product is non-rendered remains of a slaughtered animal after all of the "edible" parts have been removed.  You're basically left with feet, internal organs that aren't edible, heads, and bones.  In some cases, they can contain bits from sources such as euthanized pets, diseased livestock, dead zoo animals, road kill, or dead on arrival poultry.  

Meal is the rendered meat of an animal (lamb meal, chicken meal).  Rendering is the cooking process that basically cooks out all of the moisture to leave a protein dense powder, which is mixed with other ingredients to form kibble.  When there is a clearly defined source... lamb meal, chicken meal, duck meal... it is what you WANT to see in your pets food.  


We are very excited to expand our pet food choices, and we hope you gained some knowledge from the post!