Do You Know the Purpose of Our Signature Stamp?

If you have been a customer of ours for a while, I'm sure you've noticed that our artisan biscuits look nothing like any of the others.  As Kennedy's Biscuits grows and more folks are purchasing our treats, we have noticed that we get the same question every couple of weeks from someone.  "Why do you guys stamp your treats?"


Believe it or not, there is not just one answer to this question.  But I will explain so everyone gets the idea.  Who knew your dog treats were multi-functioning???


1.  One reason for our signature stamp is actually to create a more evenly baked biscuit for your dog.  Evenly baked = a more defined crunch.  It also makes them easier to break apart for training purposes.

2.  We don't believe in pill pockets... but a small bowl works just fine.  Soft treats = full of preservatives.  Believe me, we tried, a lot, to make a no preservative soft treat.  Soft treats with no preservatives have no shelf life at all.  Because of this, they would quickly mold... which we definitely do not want.  

However, the bowl that is created by our stamp creates the perfect spot to conceal a pill with a little peanut butter or applesauce... or the cream of your choosing.  Simply put the pill in the bowl and cover it.  Your dog will most likely not even know it's there.  

3.  Liquid Medicine.  Yes... that little bowl is great for filling with liquid medication as well.  Simply squirt it in and the treat will most likely soak it up... then just give the biscuit to your dog.  They will think they've done something great, and you'll feel great knowing you've just medicated your dog without even trying.  See... just another reason to love us.  


Who knew?  Right!  Did you learn something new about our biscuits?  Honestly, a lot of folks figured some of this out on their own, but I still wanted to put the info out there.  Our Artisan Biscuits were designed with your pet in mind, from the ingredients we put in them to the shape they are.  


If you haven't tried our hand-made artisan biscuits yet, you should!  We have 3 recipes to choose from...

Peanut Butter ........ Apple/Banana/Peanut Butter ........ Blueberry


Come see us soon!